• We’re in Love With the New Track From Happy Lives: Interview Included

We’re in Love With the New Track From Happy Lives: Interview Included

Julian Beel and Mike Lande, from NYC, together form Happy Lives. We got a new lo-fi pop track titled “Wanna Go Dance” and a few words with them.

Click here to listen to the new track “Wanna Go Dance” now on Lyynks.

What’s your inspiration? Musically and otherwise?
I watch a lot of TV. Missing football right now. Learn a lot from football. Otherwise I’m slowly making my way through 2pac’s discography. So far it’s all about ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ Started jump-roping that teaches me a lot too.

What do you do outside of Happy Lives?

What do you think of the comparisons you’ve drawn to Mickey Avalon?

What are your thoughts on streaming services like Spotify?
Whatever. I’m not worried about starving artists. Art is a luxury.

What direction do you think the music industry is headed?
Smartest thing I ever heard anyone say about the music industry is that it’s the Wild West.

What advice do you have to people trying to turn a creative outlet into a job?
It’s not a job and probably shouldn’t be.

What’s next for Happy Lives?
More content. Football season is over so I’m more focused.

Dylan Johnson

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Dylan Johnson is a music photographer from Oklahoma living in Brooklyn, New York.

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