• Playlist: Keenhouse’s Favorite Tracks of 2014

Playlist: Keenhouse’s Favorite Tracks of 2014

Dreamwave musician Ken Rangkuty has been producing chill electro numbers under the moniker Keenhouse since 2008. Since then he’s had his music soundtracked on MTV STYLD and remixed songs for Fitz and the Tantrums, among others. The artist created a name for himself in his home base of Los Angeles, but Keenhouse’s ambient stylings would feel right at home in Germany—unsurprisingly, he spent much of his childhood there and his music has been widely influenced by traveling the world. Now, he’s close to releasing his third album, “Future Past” in early 2015. The new music feels futuristic and dystopic—distinctly Keenhouse—but with the addition of string sections which can be heard on intro track “Argon Decibel.”

To help prep fans for Keenhouse’s upcoming LP as well as celebrate the end of 2014, we asked Rangkuty to curate a playlist of his favorite 2014 tracks. Rangkuty’s selections tend toward his Krautwork influences, as well as L.A.’s rich electro landscape (see: dublab releases).

Stream Keenhouse’s favorite tracks of 2014 below.

1. Mndsgn – “Homewards”

“Deep and full of soul. Simple and beautiful, with lots of character.”

2. Shafiq Husayn – “Lost & Found”

“Thick tones and great harmonies everywhere. From 2011 but released as an instrumental in 2014. It does remind me of the late ’90s West London sound right there with Bugz in the Attic, 4hero, and Kaidi Tatham.”

3. Evil Needle & Sivey – “Down There”

“R&B – fast forward into the future.”

4. Inner Wave – “Wild”

“Reminds me a bit of those great French film scores from the 70s. Dandy, psychedelic, romantic, and dramatic with a light smirk. Really like this track.”

5. Sun Araw Band VIII – “The Creator Has a Master Plan”

“This one is from an album dedicated to Krautrock and a favorite from the release. Sun Araw’s take is a more spaced out version of the original. Lots of reverb and delay at work here. Possibly other things as well.”

6. Dorian Wood – “A Gospel of Elephants”

“A strong character and great singer, Dorian Wood’s music is in a way theatrical, possibly avant-garde yet completely natural. Listening to it, it’s just clear that the music, even though unconventional is pure and a hundred percent Dorian Wood. It effortlessly fits into the world and story that he creates.”

7. The Daniel Rosenboom Quintet – “Firekeeper”

“His approach to jazz and instrumental music is refreshing and forward thinking. Highly talented improvisers. It really shows the power of making music in the moment. If you are into this stuff, Firekeeper is a great album.”

8. Deru – “Addictive Yearning”

“Beautiful, cold and open ambience with lots of space. This one is from a great concept album (if you can call it that) and based on a mysterious artifact called The Obverse Box. “1979” by Deru.”

9. M Geddes Gengras – “The last Time We Were Here”

“Another Kraut journey. The sound design in this one is otherworldly. Warm saturated analog synths and machine speak. The track keeps evolving with the type of randomness induced by a man who knows how to handle his synths.”

10. Sahy Uhns – “Prologue: Tolerance Training (Part Two)”

“Still figuring out the title but the track is great. A long blissed-out futuristic journey with tiny ricochet arpeggios and nice chords.”

Check out Keenhouse’s channel on Lyynks Music and stay tuned for the new album, out in early 2015. 

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