• Lyynk Ups: Broke Christmas Gift Guide for Music Lovers

Lyynk Ups: Broke Christmas Gift Guide for Music Lovers

“Where words fail, music speaks.”

1. For your sardonic friend:


The Smith T Shirt – How To Piss Off A Hipster ($12.85)

2. For those who spend every weekend at the local record store (and hate that guy with The Smiths t-shirt):

personalized mixtape doormat

Personalized Mixtape Doormat ($38)

3. For old school hip-hop lovers:

Bun B rap coloring book

Bun B’s Rapper Coloring and Activity Book ($12.95)

4. For Zooey Deschanel wannabes:

turntable necklace

DJ Turntable Necklace or Brooch – personalized quote ($35.90+)

5. For those who ‘pick’ DIY:

guitar pick stapler

DIY Guitar Pick Punch ($19.99)

6. For Nick Cave die-hards:

nick cave eye test chart

The Nick Cave Eye Test Chart ($65)

7. For vintage lovers who can’t quite give up technology:

vintage jewelry monobox

Vintage Jewelry Box – Monobox – Boombox ($55)

8. For friends who moved from Hawaii (but are probably going back eventually):

pineapple ukulele

Pineapple Ukulele ($60)

9. For ugly sweater purveyors:

foo fighters sweater

Foo Fighters Ginger Metal Sweatshirt ($29.99)

10. For the avid cook:


Americana Measuring Spoons ($25)

11. For coffee and tea drinkers:


Gold Decorated Violin Music Note Mug ($35.50)

12. To match the shark grill:

RiffRaffBubblesSockMockUp copy

RiFF RAFF x Beloved Bubbles Mid Sock ($16)

13. For those who want to be soothed:


Sigur Rós Vardeldur Candle ($28.75)

14. For snuggie revivalists:


Warpaint Triangle Logo Onesie ($55)

15. To send along with any of the above rockin’ gifts: 


Musician Caricature Christmas Cards ($4.50)

16. For fans who know that next year is the year Daft Punk WILL play Coachella. We believe you:

daft punk


Daft Punk Alive 1997 + Alive 2007 (Boxset) ($123.97 – pricey yes, but worth it!)

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  1. MusicalNames Says :

    May 3, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    For less than $1 you can get her a superb personalized symphonic composition, written after the notes in her own name! Amazing idea, on musicalnames.com

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