Lyynks will grant a refund of credit or debit card purchases by a Member for the following reasons and under the following circumstances:

Music purchases of streamed digital content

  • In the event that the musical content of a Band or Artist that is a Lyynks Channel Owner is found to be infringing upon another artist’s or other third party’s intellectual property rights, Lyynks will refund the Member’s purchase of the infringing content in full, provided that such determination of infringement occurs within thirty (30) calendar days after the Member’s purchase of the applicable content through the Lyynks Sites. Members are not eligible to receive refunds for purchases of streamed content following thirty (30) days after their purchase of such content, irrespective of whether or not such content is still available for listening through the applicable Channel or otherwise on the Lyynks Sites. Lyynks will contact Members by email and issue any required refunds in the event that a determination of infringement is made with respect to digital music content streamed through or via the Lyynks Sites.

Concert Tickets

  • In the event that a concert event is officially cancelled prior to such event’s scheduled start date and time, Lyynks will issue a full refund for the Member’s ticket purchase. In such event, Lyynks will attempt to contact all Members by email who have purchased tickets to the applicable cancelled event. In some circumstances, the Channel Owner may reschedule an event that has been officially cancelled, and, in these circumstances, the Member will still receive a refund for his/her original purchase of the tickets and may then choose whether or not to purchase tickets to the rescheduled event in separate and subsequent transaction.
  • In the event that a concert event is not officially cancelled by the applicable Artist, Band, or their marketing and promotional company or agent but the concert, nonetheless, still does not occur on the scheduled start date and time, Lyynks will conduct an investigation to determine that there has been no concert. Upon Lyynks’ determination that the scheduled concert event did not occur, Lyynks will issue a full refund for the Member’s ticket purchase. Member’s who experience this type of situation must contact Lyynks by email within twenty-four (24) hours after the applicable concert event’s scheduled start date and time in order to be eligible to receive a refund for ticket purchases under these circumstances.

Merchandise purchases

  • Lyynks assumes no responsibility or liability for returns or refunds of merchandise purchases made through the Lyynks Sites, as Lyynks cannot and does not monitor or administer these sales and purchases, and the Lyynks Sites provide only a conduit for sellers to conduct independent sales activities of their own merchandise. In certain rare circumstances (e.g., when a Member has paid for a merchandise order, but it is never acknowledged, responded to, or shipped by the Channel Owner), Lyynks may, in its sole discretion, cancel the order and issue a refund, provided that the Member must promptly contact Lyynks (as described below) under these circumstances for any such refund to be given consideration.

Refund procedures

If a Member feels that he or she is entitled to a refund for purchases of music, concert tickets, or merchandise for any of the above reasons, he/she should contact Lyynks through the Help Desk accessible through the FAQ page in the Lyynks application, or through the following u.r.l.: Lyynks will be the sole decision-maker in determining eligibility for a refund, and will endeavor to do so fairly and accurately. All decisions by Lyynks in this regard will be final and will be made within approximately fourteen (14) days from Lyynks’ receipt of the applicable request. Refunds will not be made for any reason other than those specified above.

Once a determination has been made by Lyynks regarding a refund request by a Member, a notification will be sent via email to such Member and also available within the Member’s profile.