• Ten Great November Singles + Vids You May Have Missed

Ten Great November Singles + Vids You May Have Missed

December’s here, and the music blog world is increasingly transitioning towards end of the year recaps before hibernating for the holidays. That’s no reason to cease the discovery of new and exciting music, however. Here are some stellar singles and videos released in November that you probably missed—get to know them now!

1. Dream Boys – “Positive Arguments”

2. Colleen Green – “Pay Attention”

3. Jacques Green – “After Life After Party”

4. Jneiro Jarel – “The Path (Face Your Fears) feat. GONE”

5. Kero Kero Bonito – “Build It Up”

6. Kokoro – “Tasmanian Devil”

7. Pearls – “Big Shot”

8. Ruby Fray – “Barbara”

9. ShowYouSuck – “Mars Attacks/XFiles”

10. Soda Fabric – “Bitter Moon”

Photos of Pearls and Ruby Fray courtesy of the artists

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