• Tunacola Comes To Lyynks Music On Path to SXSW

Tunacola Comes To Lyynks Music On Path to SXSW

Santiago, Chile based Tunacola are going global with their curated blend of electronic, pop, hip-hop and video game sounds.  Fronted by Richi Tunacola, turntablish DJ Caso and singer Pau Arismendi, the electro-pop-hop trio’s penchant for 8 bit video game synthesizers will be on display at SXSW 2015, where Tunacola is an official performing artist.  That same music can also now be heard on Lyynks Music after Tunacola and KLI Records posted their 2011 self-titled full length.   Two tracks, “Mr. Tunacola” and “Miami Vice” are only $.10 and the whole album is less than $3.50 on Lyynks Music!   Check out more from Tunacola on their Facebook page.



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